Publish Your Flash Content to Any Mobile Device with Snap! Empower

Instantly deliver your dynamic Flash animations to mobile devices with one click in Snap! Empower. Deploy your animated images, charts, photo cubes and whatever you dream up to virtually any smartphone and tablet to entertain, educate and excite on-the-go.
Quick and Easy Publish to Mobile:
Follow these simple steps to put your exciting content in the hands of your learners, friends and colleagues:
1. Create an awesome Snap! Empower creation
2. Click Publish as a Mobile Device Video
3. Select a few custom settings …and you’re finished!
Simply create your content, click Publish from the toolbar and select Publish as a Mobile Device Video. From there, you can choose the device or screen resolution for your mobile content. You can even indicate a custom resolution. You can also set your preferred audio quality and include transitions in between pages.
In order to be fully supported by all devices, Snap! Empower will publish your content to a file form compatible on the mobile device you select. To be clear for those unfamiliar with Flash and HTML5, Snap! Empower enables you to make exciting Flash animations and once you publish to a mobile device, it is converted to a compatible file type and is no longer considered Flash.


Other Ways to Publish Your Snap! Empower Content:
In addition to the option to publish as a video for mobile devices, you can also publish as:
  • SWF
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MP4
  • OGG
Publish to Social Media
Now this is really cool: Not only can you publish your cool Snap! Empower content to mobile devices, but you can also publish directly to the leading social media sites. With one click, instantly post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and to share with the world and wow your audience.
All these capabilities and only $99 for the latest and most powerful Flash software.

For a free 30-day trial, visit: Snap! Empower Free Trial.